The Omega Seamaster 300: The Coveted Master of the 1957 Trilogy (2023)

1957, the year that saw Omega release three watches that would go on to become not just famous but household classics among the watch collecting fraternity. The Seamaster 300, Railmaster and of course Speedmaster. These three watches all represented 3 various fields for use. The Seamaster, by virtue was destined for divers, the Railmaster, while perhaps not as clear, was made with scientists who worked in environments of high magnetism in mind and finally the Speedmaster, which was originally made with racing drivers in-mind but we all know where that story ends up. Being the 60thanniversary since all three watches were produced, Omega saw it fit to honour this trilogy by introducing a limited edition of all three examples.

The Seamaster and Speedmaster are something of legends, even among those who aren’t as watch savvy as some. They are well-known pieces but the Railmaster is perhaps the least known piece amongst the three – hence the reason we posted this in-depth article right here. However, the 1st execution Seamaster 300 is perhaps more sought after than the Railmaster, however, the Speedmaster takes the limelight in the rarity, value and grail department.

The original Seamaster 300 ref. CK2913 was introduced in 1957 but it is interesting to note that while it bore 300 on the dial, it was only water-resistant to 200 metres. The story goes that it should’ve been water-resistant to 300 metres but at the time, the testing equipment used could only measure a depth of 200 metres – whether this is factual or not is unknown. However, one ingenious design from the folks at Omega was the Naïad crown, a subject I shall get to a little later in this article.

Beating away inside the Seamaster 300, was Omega’s tried and tested, hassle free, cal. 501. Known as the mother of all Omega diving watches, the Seamaster 300 was pretty much Omega’s answer to the Rolex Submariner and aesthetic similarities can be seen. However, the Seamaster 300 never really got the fame the Submariner received but among its faithful fans it is an absolute gem.

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Omega Seamaster 300 ref. 165.014-64

In 1960 the Seamaster 300 received a new case reference of CK14755, however, this time inside was the automatic cal. 552 but the Seamaster retained its initial looks. In 1962 the CK14755 was replaced by the ref. 165.014 ST, which also introduced Omega’s new reference numbers, though this time round the ‘Broad Arrow’ hands had been replaced with straight hands, which kind of took away some of the initial impact of the Seamaster 300. In 1964 the Seamaster ref. 165.024 ST was introduced and though it still sported the cal. 552, this was the point that the Seamaster would pretty much change forever, as the case had grown in size and now sported the twisted lug design, new dial and sword shaped hands. That is until a few years ago when Omega re-introduced the straight-lugged Seamaster again, however, it had grown in size and housed the new Master Co-Axial movement. And while it still oozed that vintage appeal, with the use of the much debated “faux patina” lume – I always personally found it just a tad too big.

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As mentioned, the very first Seamaster ref. CK2913 was introduced to be a divers much needed companion but it also became rather sought-after. It had all the attributes that any diver would need, packaged in a very stylish watch that later became iconic. The original’s unpretentious style has been carried over into the 2017 model. The indices have been filled with faux vintage Super Luminova, which many have frowned upon, however, I think in this instance it would have looked a little strange to see white or green lume.

This faux vintage look is also carried over onto the “Broad Arrow” hands, which completes the overall vintage appearance, albeit induced. The dial of course sports 3, 6, 9 and 12 Arabic numerals, with triangles marking each of these hours and elongated arrows marking the rest of the hour marks. The dial features the old-style Ω, as well as text; these are the minute details collectors alike drool over (myself included) and it is this attention to detail that has made these trilogy pieces very special.

The case has been carefully and expertly reproduced. Omega used a unique digital scanning technique for the first time, which provided the Swiss watchmaker with accurate representations of all three original watches. These minute cross-sections and dimensions, along with drawings of the original models, served as design templates for the new watches, with subtle updates bringing them into the 21st century, yet allowing them to remain true to the originals of 1957. The ever-fragile Bakelite bezel has been re-created using sturdier and modern material. All angles and facets have been polished to a mirror shine, with only the case sides being satin brushed.

The steel bracelet has of course been updated but has been done so tastefully, with brushed centre links and polished outer links, it is a comfortable fit. If there is one thing that was perhaps jarring about the original flat-link Omega bracelets it was their flimsiness, not to mention the stretchy links that are none too kind to men with hairier wrists. While this bracelet style is nothing new, it has been adapted to these new Trilogy models but even nicer, is the old-style Ω that has been used on the clasp and in true vintage fashion, slightly overlaps the bracelet.

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Again, Omega’s attention to detail goes even further. You’ll without doubt notice the signed crown sports the old-style Ω symbol again but look closer and what you’ll see is a symbol that looks like the Mercedes emblem. This is what is known by those in the know as a Naïad (meaning water nymph in Ancient Greek) crown but what exactly does this mean? The original Seamaster used a Naïad crown, which Omega also used on the Railmaster and Speedmaster. The crown improves on the water resistance of the watch as the pressure increases the crown seals further. The fact that Omega have even included this on these 60th anniversary pieces just displays their commitment in staying true to the originals.

Turning the timepiece over you’ll notice there is a solid screw-down case back, with the hippocampus emblem and the arched Seamaster inscription. However, I think what is more important is what is beneath this case back. As mentioned, the original CK2913 made use of the self-winding Omega calibre 501. This faithful re-interpretation is powered by the automatic Omega Master Chronometer calibre 8806, which can resist magnetic fields of up to >15,000 gauss, with a power reserve of up to 55-hours – somewhat upping the ante from the original.


For enthusiasts who have longed to own a CK2913, what Omega have created is something really special – while it’s not the original I think it is likely to be as close as you’ll ever get nowadays. The 60th anniversary Seamaster has been well executed and is in keeping with the true spirit of the CK2913. As already mentioned, Omega’s attention to detail is something to be admired. Even little things such as the Naïad crown and the use of the original Ω symbol in multiple places, including on the crystal, which won’t go unnoticed by collectors. Though, one detail that may go unnoticed is the slightly discoloured dial, which is ever-so-slightly tropical.

Of course, some may bemoan the fact the dial makes use of faux patina, to be honest I can’t see how the Seamaster or any of the other three pieces in the trilogy would’ve worked without it, so this conscious decision by Omega only makes sense. The use of an overlapping Ω on the clasp is a nice touch, that said, while the bracelet is super comfortable I can’t help but think it could’ve been a little more refined – it does add some serious heft to the watch. A slightly thinner bracelet would’ve been more in-keeping with the original but also would’ve helped to make wearing it an even more nostalgic experience. I can see many owners of this limited piece swapping out the bracelet, in favour of a leather or NATO strap.

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The new anniversary Seamaster is a well-executed reissue and so too are the others from this trilogy but I’m still drawn to the Railmaster for its pure simplicity. Of the original trilogy, the CK2913 has always been the piece that has been hard to find in unmolested condition, so this new piece does present the opportunity to own one, albeit a reissue but this does have its perks. 1) price and 2) modern robustness. When timepieces like these are reissued in limited quantities, this always arouses interest in the original, setting in motion an increase in their value. But this new limited edition Seamaster, like the Railmaster, presents an opportunity to own a slice of yesteryear at a much more moderate price.

The new 60th Anniversary Seamaster (ref. is limited to 3,557 pieces and will retail for £5,200. For more information on this new timepiece, visit the official Omega website.



How much is a Omega Seamaster 300 worth? ›

Prices for an Omega Seamaster Diver 300M range from about 1,400 USD for a pre-owned watch with a quartz movement to more than 50,000 USD for special or especially rare editions. Standard edition models in stainless steel are even more affordable.

Does Omega Seamaster 300M hold value? ›

The answer is a resounding yes. They hold their initial value well—and many hold the potential for even more. The promise of Omega watches is two-fold. First, they're constructed with quality materials and comprehensive time.

How much is the Omega Seamaster trilogy? ›

Omega Seamaster 300 trilogy for $7,093 for sale from a Private Seller on Chrono24.

Is an Omega Seamaster Diver 300M a good investment? ›

When investing in an Omega wristwatch, achieving an increase in value over time is the main goal, but also importantly, so is enjoyment for the wearer. Two of Omega's most sought after models are the Seamaster and the Speedmaster, which historically prove to be the safest investments.

How can you tell a fake Seamaster 300? ›

Take a look at the dial. On the genuine watch, the hands and markers look like they could have been cut straight from sapphires, so smooth and glossy is the mirror finish. Compare the fake, and its finish is uneven, the components themselves bearing the hallmarks of the machine that made them.

How can I tell if my Omega Seamaster 300 is real? ›

The omega serial number is a 7 or 8 digit number engraved on the case back of the watch during its production. All Omega watches are stamped with the seven or eight digit serial number. Simply run a cross-referencing search on the serial number displayed on the watch in question. If it does not match, it is a fake.

Who wears an Omega 300M? ›

Prince William – Seamaster 300m

Prince William is known for his preference for the blue dial and bezel model, which is said to have been a gift from Princess Diana.

What holds it value better Rolex or Omega? ›

When it comes to average resale value Omega's isn't bad per se. The best Omega watch may fetch a higher average resale value than the worst Rolex but the Rolex brand still dominates the pre-owned market and on average, their watches hold value the best. They are also one of the most knocked-off brands as well.

Which Omega is the most collectable? ›

The Top 5 Most Collectable Omega Seamaster References
  • Omega Seamaster Olympic Official Timekeeper Limited Edition. ...
  • Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition Ref. ...
  • Omega Seamaster 300 The 1957 Trilogy Limited Edition Ref. ...
  • Omega Seamaster Professional Ploprof 1200M Ref. ...
  • Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Ref.
Feb 17, 2022

Will Omega Seamaster last a lifetime? ›

OMEGA watches are designed to last a lifetime if they receive the best care. We recommend that you have the water-resistance checked every year and a full service performed every 5 to 8 years.

Is an Omega Seamaster a luxury watch? ›

The Omega Seamaster collection is one of the best-known series from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.

How much is the original Omega watch worth? ›

The average price of an Omega watch is between $5,200 to $7,150 MSRP. This range includes stainless steel references for the Seamaster 300m, Planet Ocean, Aqua Terra, and Speedmaster Professional. Overall the cost of all Omega watches range between $2,000 up to $60,000+.

Is The Omega Seamaster 300 worth it? ›

A breezy-looking watch that packs plenty of power. Pulling from the Omega archives, the Seamaster 300 offers loads of vintage appeal while keeping up with any modern diver. The bracelet, bezel, and mid-century design all evoke the scuba-diving boom of the 1950s, even though it is a modern release from 2021.

What is the best Omega watch to hold value? ›

Omega Seamaster and Speed master are the most famous and in-demand Omega models. They will hold value even in the resale market as their demand is equally high. Look for variations like function variants, gold versions, dial variants, etc.

How often do you need to service an Omega Seamaster? ›

Therefore, we recommend that you have the water resistance checked once a year and a complete service performed every 5 to 8 years. Your OMEGA boutique or authorised service centre will be happy to take care of your watch and answer your questions.

Does an Omega Seamaster 300M have a battery? ›

The watch is presented on a stainless steel bracelet. The OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M is powered by OMEGA's calibre 1538, a quartz precision movement with an end of battery life indicator.

What is the difference in fake Omega Seamaster? ›

Take a look at the dial. On the genuine watch, the hands and markers look like they could have been cut straight from sapphires, so smooth and glossy is the mirror finish. Compare the fake, and its finish is uneven, the components themselves bearing the hallmarks of the machine that made them.

How many jewels are in an Omega Seamaster 300? ›

Both new watches are equipped with Omega's Master Chronometer Caliber 8913, a self-winding co-axial movement with 39 jewels, a 25,200-vph balance frequency, and a 60-hour power reserve.

Do Omega Seamaster watches have batteries? ›

Omega Seamaster quartz watches are fitted with an end of life indicator which indicate that the battery is coming to the end of it's life; this is usually indicated by the second hand jumping in intervals which can be seen in this blog post.

Can you swim with an Omega Seamaster 300? ›

Although such a watch is resistant to rain and drops of water, it could still let water through when swimming - in fact, it is only partially waterproof.

What does wearing an Omega say about you? ›

Omega watches can often signify extravagant taste on the part of the wearer. They say, 'I'm successful, so why shouldn't I show off what I've got? ' Again, the image that is put across by the person wearing this watch depends partially upon his attitude.

What Omega did JFK wear? ›

Kennedy received a prophetically engraved OMEGA Slimline watch from his friend Grant Stockdale. Following his victory, Kennedy wore the watch during his inauguration on 20 January 1961. Kennedy's Slimline watch can now be seen at the OMEGA Museum in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

What is the most iconic Omega watch? ›

The Omega Speedmaster is generally recognised as Omega's most well-known and loved watch, and there are numerous models available on the market today. Famously worn by the astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the first manned lunar landing in 1969, the Omega Speedmaster became known simply as 'the moonwatch'.

What watch is more prestigious than a Rolex? ›

Patek Philippe arguably owns the top-tier of high-horology. Once, the most expensive watch ever sold was a Patek Philippe with many complications and sold for over 11 million dollars, second only to a Rolex that was worn by Paul Newman.

Is the Seamaster better than the Submariner? ›

The Rolex Submariner offers an impressive heritage and prestige, while the Seamaster 300M delivers better technology. Both timepieces are on the same level in terms of design, with the traditional-looking Rolex and the fresher, bolder Omega.

Is Tag Heuer or Omega better? ›

Omega vs Tag Heuer Quality

TAG Heuer is especially known for chronographs, and it's a giant in the watchmaking world but Omega watches are considered to be of higher quality. The quality of an Omega watch is easily demonstrated by the amount of time it takes to create one.

Are vintage Omegas worth it? ›

So, even if you purchased a second hand Omega for next to nothing a few years ago, it could be worth plenty shortly due to market fluctuations. For this reason, among several others, watch experts tend to agree that an Omega is always a good investment.

Who wears Omega watches? ›

  • SCREEN LEGENDS. Throughout the acting world, OMEGA's values of excellence and commitment are perfectly reflected by some of the most talented stars on screen. ...

Does Omega go up in price? ›

Omega price increases for 2023

In early 2022, it increased to €6,700 (currency correction), and in September 2022, the price went up even further to €7,100. Now, lo and behold, as of February 1st, the price will go up to €7,500. Omega will increase prices by approx. 5–7% (also depending on the market).

Is an Omega Seamaster an everyday watch? ›

Some favorite everyday watch picks include the OMEGA Speedmaster, Tudor Black Bay, Rolex Submariner, OMEGA Seasmaster, the Tag Heuer Carrera, Breitling Colt, Rolex DateJust, and a Panerai Luminor.

Can you wear an Omega Seamaster in the shower? ›

They are not designed to withstand warm water. When your watches cools down after the shower, moist air gets sucked into the case. Doing this repeatedly will deteriorate the movement, even if your watch is water resistant or if it's a dive watch with a depth rating of 100 m or more.

Do I need to service my Omega Seamaster? ›

We recommend that you should service your Omega watch every four to five years in order to ensure the movement oils are lubricated while the seals and gaskets are replaced to ensure the water resistance is retained where applicable.

Are Omegas as good as Rolex? ›

Rolex vs.

But if you simply want a good watch that runs accurately, has first-class workmanship, and a unique design, Omega is at least on par with Rolex. In fact, in many cases, Omega comes out on top. Ultimately, you need to choose the watch that you like the most.

What watch did James Bond wear? ›

Since 1995, James Bond has worn OMEGA Seamasters in every film. Over the years, we have also created some very special limited edition timepieces whose special features honour 007 and his legacy of more than half a century of genre-defining movies.

Which is more prestigious Breitling or Omega? ›

The two brands are ranked in the top 50 Swiss watchmaking brands in the world. However, when you look at the ranking, Omega ranks higher compared to Breitling. Omega ranks at #7 most recognized Swiss company worldwide, and #2 most recognizable Swiss watch brand. Omega has 70% brand recognition globally.

How to date a vintage Omega Seamaster? ›

Like many watch manufacturers, Omega uses a serial number system to keep track of when a timepiece was made and to mark its authenticity. If you own an Omega watch, it's possible to find its year of production based on the serial number etched into it.

Can you pawn an Omega watch? ›

Pawnshops buy, sell, and pawn luxury watches like Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe every day. You may also be surprised that other brands like Fossil, G-Shock, or Invicta can also have value to a pawnbroker.

Do Omega watches go down in value? ›

The general rule for Omega watches is that they depreciate in value when bought for full retail price. There are some exceptions to this with certain limited editions, however. Generally speaking, an Omega watch loses between 20-40% in value in the first year.

What is special about Omega Seamaster? ›

Originally conceived as a dressy, water-resistant timepiece, the Omega Seamaster has evolved to a robust sports watch line typically with a stainless steel case, robust water resistance, and an official certified chronometer certified movement within.

Can you Overwind an Omega Seamaster 300m? ›

The Omega Seamaster is designed so it cannot be overwound – there are no hidden catches.

Why is the Omega Seamaster so popular? ›

One of the reasons for the popularity of Omega Seamaster is its connection to the world's most beloved spy James Bond. Omega Seamaster has been seen in almost all of James bond movies since 1995, it is one of the gadgets of the James bond, where the helium valve is used as the laser and detonator.

Does Omega Seamaster 300m hold value? ›

The answer is a resounding yes. They hold their initial value well—and many hold the potential for even more. The promise of Omega watches is two-fold. First, they're constructed with quality materials and comprehensive time.

Why is Omega less than Rolex? ›

Price: In both the new and pre-owned market, Rolex watches tend to be more expensive than OMEGA watches. Movements: Rolex no longer produces watches with quartz movements and exclusively uses mechanical movements, but OMEGA produces watches with both quartz and mechanical movements.

How much is a Omega Seamaster worth? ›

How much do Omega watches cost?
Model, reference numberPrice (approx.)
Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep,,600 USD (MSRP)
Seamaster Ploprof 1200M,,500 USD
Constellation Globemaster,,000 USD
Moonwatch Professional, 310.,900 USD
5 more rows

What happens if you don't service your watch? ›

You could go years without ever going to a watchmaker even though the pivots in your watch are running dry, sheering, and causing build up of debris and dirt. The sheering (from the pivots running dry) thins out the pivots until it eventually snaps altogether. This could happen in several months or several years.

Is it worth getting a watch serviced? ›

To answer the question “do you need watch servicing?”, yes. When investing in a stunning timepiece, it's highly recommended that you also invest in getting it serviced. In general, most would recommend getting your watch serviced every 5 years.

What is the resale value of Omega? ›

The general rule for Omega watches is that they depreciate in value when bought for full retail price. There are some exceptions to this with certain limited editions, however. Generally speaking, an Omega watch loses between 20-40% in value in the first year.

What is the most expensive Omega Seamaster? ›

The yellow gold Seamaster 300 with malachite dial starts at $28,900, and the most expensive platinum lapis dial Seamaster 300 with a platinum bracelet has a retail price of $69,100. All of this plus watch collector wrist shots will be featured in this episode of "Watches Tonight!"

Is Omega as prestigious as Rolex? ›

It's one area where Rolex has an edge over Omega, and that counts for a lot. Despite Omega's illustrious history, when it comes to the strength of the brand, no luxury watchmaker comes close to Rolex. Rolex is not only the most well-known luxury watch brand, but one of the most reputable brands in any category.

Is it worth buying a second hand Omega? ›

Second hand Omega watches are extremely popular with collectors and enthusiasts alike, especially the fact that the timepieces are always technologically advanced and can effortlessly last through generations.

Who wears a Seamaster? ›

Prince William – Seamaster 300m

Considering the royal has been involved in sea rescues when he was an Air Ambulance pilot in the past, this watch couldn't have been a more perfect choice.

How long will an Omega Seamaster last? ›

OMEGA watches are designed to last a lifetime if they receive the best care. We recommend that you have the water-resistance checked every year and a full service performed every 5 to 8 years.

What is the most classic Omega watch? ›

One of the most iconic Omega watch models is the Ladymatic. Released in 1955, this was Omega's first self-winding watch for women. It was also the first watch to have an automatic movement with a co-axial escapement. The Ladymatic has been updated several times & is still in production today.

Why is the Seamaster so expensive? ›

Omega is more than just a brand; it has extremely high-quality standards for all the products it creates, achieving certain records and numbers with which other brands can't compete. Their mechanical precision has only gotten better with time, showing how these watches hold their value.

Did James Bond wear an Omega Seamaster? ›

Since 1995, James Bond has worn OMEGA Seamasters in every film. Over the years, we have also created some very special limited edition timepieces whose special features honour 007 and his legacy of more than half a century of genre-defining movies.

How much is a 1957 Speedmaster? ›

A 1957 Speedmaster Just Sold for $3.4 Million, Becoming the Most Expensive Omega in History.


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