Chocolate Bouquet Delivery Online | Send Chocolate Flower Bouquet (2023)

Prompt Chocolate Bouquet Delivery along with FlowerAura’s Beautiful Chocolate Bouquet Products

Bouquets are one such gift item that tends to make our loved ones happy to the core. Every cause of celebration can be made more special as one opts for a chocolate bookey from FlowerAura. Yes, you heard us! When it comes to gifting, we often opt for a bouquet of flowers. But that is not just the only option we have when it comes to gifting our loved ones over India's premier online gifting portal i.e FlowerAura has come up with a unique collection of flower chocolate bouquets arranging some beautiful flowers like roses, carnations, etc. along with some of our favourite chocolates together beautifully. As one cannot say no to any of these two things that are flowers and chocolate, it makes double pleasing to the eyes of a recipient, when gifted on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and more. Not just that along with some popular chocolate bars like Dairy Milk Silk, KitKat bars, etc. in these mesmerizing chocolate bouquets one can get teddy bears, greeting cards and other adorable little things even embedded to beautify the entire gift set. Each of these FlowerAura's chocolate bouquets with flowers comes along with its efficient Cake And Flower Delivery all across its 400+ Indian cities. Currently, FlowerAura offers same-day, midnight, early morning, express and in-time fixed delivery to get these delish chocolate bouquets delivered to your loved one's doorstep. That too all free of cost! Isn't that amazing? Well, yes absolutely! So let the sweetness of chocolates along with the cuteness of other gift items conquer your loved one's heart as you shop for this amazing bouquet of chocolate for your dear ones. Make sure to avail some exciting offers as you shop for them!

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You can order a chocolate bouquet from FlowerAura for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc. Some of the mesmerizing options include potted love, choco teddy bouquet, and chocolate combos. Our choco teddy bouquet is the best-seller, the perfect chocolate bouquet for birthdays. Potted love is the best-suited choice for the anniversary because it is a rose and chocolate bouquet signifying love. Likewise, there are many heart-warming choices for you to consider.

Send Chocolate Bouquet with Same Day and Midnight Delivery

Chocolate Bouquet For Chocolate Bouquets Type Shipping Method
Birthday Starry Choco Bouquet Same Day Delivery
Anniversary Smooth Silk Bouquet Midnight Delivery
Women’s Day Regal Rocher Bouquet Same Day Delivery
Thank You Bouquet Of Sweetness Same Day Delivery
Mother’s Day Mom Love Kitkat Bouquet Fixed Time Delivery

Send Exotic Chocolate Flower Bouquet By FlowerAura

We can't even resist a tiny chocolate bar; imagine an exotic chocolate hamper loaded with delicious ones. It indeed makes us go drooling over them. Chocolate bouquets are the most luxurious surprises we all wish to receive on a special day. If you are looking for a mesmerising chocolate flower bouquet, just connect with FlowerAura right away. Now you can send drool some chocolate bouquets prettied with natural flowers and blissfully convey your hearty wishes. Just browse our colossal chocolate flowers collections and make your dear ones feel on cloud nine. So, get your hands on rich and flavourful chocolate bouquets for every occasion and celebration.

Celebrate Special Occasions With Handmade Chocolate Bouquet At Best Price

Tempting chocolates never go out of trend, and you can startle your dearies with a premium handmade chocolate bouquet by FlowerAura. Our premium quality chocolates are designed and curated in blissful bouquets to make them an unforgettable surprise for your loved ones. Now send these exquisite chocolate bouquets to your special ones on occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Friendship Day, Christmas, New Year and much more. You can simply browse our handmade chocolate bouquets range and get them delivered right to your doorstep. These sweet bouquets are pampering enough to pull off that sparkling smile on your dear ones’ faces. Enhance your celebrations with premium chocolates and make memories for a lifetime. Impress your sweetheart with an exotic chocolate bouquet by FlowerAura. We provide you with reliable and quick doorstep delivery of premium chocolate bouquets.

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Beautiful Chocolate Bouquet Collection - Only At

FlowerAura is one of a kind gifting brand which looks into creating and offering its customers something new, trendy and cool to pamper their loved ones with. Understanding that words often do not express what one may feel to convey to their loved ones, yet again it has come up with its exclusive collection of handmade chocolate bouquets. When we hear the word "bouquet" we assume it to be some mesmerising flower arrangements. But this chocolate bouquet online collection is so edgy and thoughtful that it blesses the recipient with the two most popular gift items one being flowers and the other being chocolates. We know it's going to be hard for your loved ones not to fall in love with your superb gifting gesture. There are a plethora of options to choose from, for instance, flower and chocolate bouquets like Rocher and roses, Pink roses with Dairy Milk. Then, you can buy a bunch of chocolates in which assorted chocolates are hand-arranged in a basket or bouquet, We have recently added to our collection customised chocolate bouquet and balloon bouquet. If you are looking for some great options for an online chocolate bouquet, then you know you need to visit FlowerAura's website, browse through all the available options, make your pick for your loved ones and proceed to make the payment for the specified amount. That's all you need to do! Everything else including timely flowers and chocolate bouquets online delivered by us.

Send Chocolate Bouquets Online from FlowerAura

If you think flower bouquets are common, FlowerAura has got something unique and sweet for you. You can order a chocolate bouquet, chocolate bouquet basket, and chocolate bouquet box. These chocolate gifts are handcrafted with delicious chocolates, chocolates with flowers, and chocolates with a teddy bear. You can order and send these online either on the same day, midnight or any time within the day. We provide online delivery services for these chocolate bouquets pan India on all occasions and festive specials.

Online Delivery of Chocolate Bouquet for Birthday

Make birthdays extra special for the ones whom you keep close to your heart. Wish them “Happy Birthday” with a FlowerAura birthday chocolate bouquet. You can choose the chocolate bouquet from us that has favourites of the birthday girl or boy. We have a Ferrero Rocher bouquet, Kitkat bouquet, dairy milk chocolate bouquet, and assorted chocolate bouquet. If the birthday is of someone special in your life, you can make a mushy-mushy impact by gifting a chocolate bouquet with a teddy bear. We have birthday combos like choco bouquet with a plant, chocolate combos, etc.

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Chocolate Bouquets for Anniversary: A Token of Sweet Love

An anniversary gift for your partner should be unique and romantic. What’s more romantic than sharing a piece of chocolate? Treat your partner on the anniversary with a sweet gift for marriage anniversary like a chocolate bouquet. You can order from us a Happy Anniversary box with Silk chocolates or a pot of red roses and Dairy Milk, a heart-shaped box of Ferrero Rochers. All these are lovable anniversary gifts. Anniversary combos include flowers and chocolates in diverse arrangements.

Valentine Week Gift Combo - Chocolates, Bouquets, Teddies, and more.

The season of love brings you eight straight days to express your love and make your soulmate feel happy. And you can do that with perfection by getting your hands on a perfectly curated valentine week gift combo from FlowerAura. Different combinations of items like teddies, roses, chocolates, cakes, and plants are arranged in heart-melting styles.


1. What is the starting price of a chocolate bouquet at FlowerAura?

Ans:We have a flexible price range of scrumptious chocolate combos and bouquets. However, the starting price of chocolate bouquets is INR 499/.

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2. Suggest some of the best anniversary combos.

Ans:At FlowerAura, there is a mesmerising collection of anniversary chocolate combos. You can buy combos like Carnation Kitkat Bouquet, Pink Passion Flowers N Chocolate Combo and much more.

3. What is the timing for midnight chocolate bouquet delivery?

Ans:Our midnight delivery timing is between 11:00 PM to 01:00 AM. We promise on-time delivery.

4. What are the charges for midnight delivery?

Ans:The charges for midnight chocolate bouquet delivery is INR 249/. You can place the order.

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5. Will I get fresh flowers if I order a chocolate and flower combo?

Ans:Yes, we provide garden fresh flowers to our valuable customers. We never compromise with freshness and quality of the flowers.


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