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Our 7DS Tier List 2022 Global features the latest tier rankings of all the characters featured in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Gross Global

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Article Contents⇓

  • 7DS Tier List
  • 7DS Tier 0 Characters List
  • 7DS Tier 1 Characters List
  • 7DS Tier 2 Characters List
  • 7DS Tier 3 Characters List
  • 7DS Tier 4 Characters List
  • 7DS Tier 5 Characters List

7DS Tier List Global 2022⇓

7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (1)

Click here to see the image tier list(Tier o, Tier 1, Tier 2). Image tier list is yet to be updated. Scroll down to check the updated text version of the full 7DS tier list global 2022.


In this 7DS Tier List Global 2022, we have ranked all the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross characters. Before you scroll down and check out the tier list, we would like to describe the tier description; all the 7DS characters are ranked based on their overall performance in the end game. We have ranked the 7DS Grand Cross characters in x6 tier ranks; tier 0 features the 7DS characters that are OP/best, tier 1 features the characters that have good to best ratings(not OP), tier 2 features the good ones(not the best), tier 3 showcases the characters that are average, tier 4 showcases the 7DS characters with below-average ratings. And, tier 5 features the characters that are the worst/not recommended. Now, let’s check out the 7DS Tier List Global 2022: –

7DS Tier List 2022: Tier 0 Characters⇓

  • PURGATORYBan – Tier 0
  • Dark Traitor Meliodas – Tier 0
  • Holy Warrior Elizabeth – Tier 0
  • Invincible Avatar Escanor – Tier 0
  • The Four ArchangelsSariel – Tier 0
  • The Four Archangels Tramiel – Tier 0
  • HijackGowther – Tier 0
  • The Goat Sin Of Lust Gowther – Tier 0
  • Halloween Gowther – Tier 0
  • PACIFIER FIEND Chandler – Tier 0
  • Lostvayne Meliodas – Tier 0
  • Ragnarok Lostvayne Meliodas – Tier 0
  • Elite Demon Zeldris – Tier 0
  • Divine ProtectionMerlin – Tier 0
  • Covenant of Light Ludociel – Tier -0
  • Napping ReaperCusack – Tier 0
  • Protector King Harlequin – Tier 0
  • Starry Night’s Illusion Lillia – Tier 0


7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (2)Gowther is the best top-tier character in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross. He can help you clear the waves of enemies in no time – thanks to the AoE skills he possesses.

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 0(OP/Best)
  • Type – Strength
  • The Goat Sin of Lust
  • Gear Build: HP/Defense
  • Skills – AoE Damage, Buff allies(base stats, damage, skill ranks)
  • Global – Yes(Now available in global version

7DS Tier List 2022: Tier 1 Characters⇓

  • Camelot’s Sword Arthur – Tier 1
  • Chosen KingArthur – Tier 1
  • Ten Commandments Derieri – Tier 1
  • Sweet TemptationDeriery – Tier 1
  • Sunny VacationEastin – Tier 1
  • Stranger Things Eleven – Tier 1
  • Re: Zero Emilia – Tier 1
  • Holy Knight Escanor – Tier 1
  • The Lion Sin of Pride Escanor – Tier 1
  • Ashen Desire Hendrickson – Tier 1
  • Stranger Things Jim – Tier 1
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King – Tier 1
  • Signs of Maturity King – Tier 1
  • KOF ’98 Kyo – Tier 2
  • Advent of Destruction Lillia – Tier 1
  • Mastermind Lillia – Tier 1
  • The Four Archangels Ludociel – Tier 1
  • Knight of Wrath Meliodas – Tier 1
  • Assault ModeMeliodas – Tier 1
  • The Boar Sin of Gluttony Merlin – Tier 1
  • CollectorMerlin – Tier 1
  • KOF ’98Rugal – Tier 1
  • WIELDER OF GRAM Sigurd – Tier 1
  • Re: Zero Ram – Tier 1
  • Re: Zero Rem – Tier 1
  • HalloweenRoxy – Tier 1
  • MAGIC WEAPON MK-IIValenti – Tier 1
  • Executioner Zeldris – Tier 1

Mastermind Mage Lillia7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (3)

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1
  • Faction – Mastermind
  • Attribute – Speed
  • Color – Blue
  • Grade – SSR
  • Gear Build – HP/Defense
  • Role – Attacker, Debuffer, Regeneration
  • Skills – AoE DMG + depletes x3 ULT move gauge orbs, AoE Healing + Dispel debuffs.
  • Unqiue Skill – Increases Pierce Rate of allies

New King Arthur – SSR7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (4)

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Attribute – Strength/Red
  • Unique Skill – Increases Human allies’ HP-related stats by 15%
  • Other Skills – Inflicts massive damage, disables recovery skills, increases the basic stats of all allies, removes debuffs from all allies
  • Global – Yes
  • Gear Build – HP/DEFENSE

Derieri7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (5)

  • Attribute: – Strength/Red
  • Form: – Ten Commandments
  • Build: Attack/Defense
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Skills: – massive single-target DMG, self-stat boost, amplify damage

Holy Knight Escanor

7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (6)Holy Knight Escanor was added in the April patch of the 7DS Global Version. He is a top-tier character who excels in attacking enemies with powerful skills. He is quite good at PvP.

(Video) 27.000dm GACHA SUMMER NEU "Water" | EVENT SUMMER Banjir Hadiah - ALICE FICTION

  • Role – Attacker
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – HP
  • Color – Green
  • Faction – Sunshine
  • Skills – massive single-target damage, fills ULT gauge, ignite effect(more damage on the enemy), dispel buffs from the enemy
  • Unique Skill – dispels buffs and debuffs and becomes immune to the harmful effects when ULT gauge is completely full

Escanor(The Lion Sin of Pride)

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – Strength
  • Color – Red
  • Faction/Form – The Lion Sin of Pride
  • Skills – amplify damage on one enemy, AoE DMG, and depletes ULT move gauge orb
  • Unique Skills – buffs HP-related stats at the beginning of the fight.


7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (7)King is another top-tier character in 7DS Grand Cross Global. He does the supporter role in the team by healing the allies, removing debuffs – also, he can inflict AoE damage.

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – Speed
  • The Grizzly Sin of Sloth
  • Skills – Healing, Removes Debuffs, AoE DMG
  • Global – Yes
  • Full Name – King the Fairy King

Great Mage Merlin(The Boar Sin of Gluttony)

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 1(Best)
  • Type – HP
  • Race – Unknown
  • Faction – The Boar Sin of Gluttony
  • Global – Yes
  • Skills – Single target damage + depletes the ultimate move gauge, Shield all the allies with a barrier, Seals the attack skills. The unqiue skill fills the ULT move gauge of allies
  • Gear Build/Set – Attack/Defense(More firepower and survivability)
  • One of the best PvP Heroes

7DS Tier List 2022: Tier 2 Characters⇓

  • Halloween Protective Heart Diane – Tier 2
  • Halloween Hunter Slater – Tier 2
  • Destined HeirArthur – Tier 2
  • Light of HopeArthur – Tier 2
  • KOF ’98Athena – Tier 2
  • Elite Demon Derieri – Tier 2
  • The Serpent Sin ofDiane – Tier 2
  • CreationDiane – Tier 2
  • Elite DemonDrole – Tier 2
  • The Ten Commandments Drole – Tier 2
  • Ruler of Stormy SeasEastin – Tier 2
  • Oceanic HarmonizerEastin – Tier 2
  • Cadet Corps Eren Jaeger – Tier 2
  • Elite DemonEstarossa – Tier 2
  • Ten Commandments Fraudrin – Tier 2
  • Chivalrous Gilthunder – Tier 2
  • Elite DemonGloxinia – Tier 2
  • ChampionGriamore – Tier 2
  • Reincarnation of RevengeHelbram– Tier 2
  • TempestHowzer – Tier 2
  • HarlequinKing – Tier 2
  • KOF ’98Mai – Tier 2
  • Elite DemonMelascula – Tier 2
  • Greatest SoldierMikasa Ackerman – Tier 2
  • Elite DemonMonspeet – Tier 2
  • Dungeon RaiderShin – Tier 2
  • EarthshakerValenti – Tier 2
  • The Ten Commandments Zeldris – Tier 2
  • Advent of DestructionMono – Tier 2
  • Stranger Things Will – Tier 2

Arthur7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (8)

  • Attribute – Speed/Blue
  • Form: Destined Heir
  • Build: Attack/Defense
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 2(Good)
  • Skills: – single-target DMG + stun, AoE + disable attack skills, severe damage

Derieri7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (9)

  • Form: Elite Demon
  • Attribute: – HP/Green
  • Build: – Attack/Defense
  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 2(Good)
  • Skills: – single-target DMG + depletes ULT move gauge, AoE DMG + fills ULT move gauge, amplify damage

Weapon Researcher Valenti: –7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (10)

  • 7DS Tier List Rank – TIER 2(Good)
  • Faction – Earthshaker
  • Attribute – HP
  • Color – Green
  • Race – Human
  • Gear Build – HP
  • Grade – SSR
  • Role – Tank, Debuffer
  • Skills – Single-enemy damage, decreases enemies’ defense-rated stats, AoE DMG, decreases enemies’ attack-related stats, unique skill decreases all foes’ pierce rate
  • Added to the global version on June 2, 2020.

7DS Tier List 2022: Best Characters Guide(December 2022) - MrGuider (11)

7DS Tier List 2022: T3 Characters⇓

  • King of PropheciesArthur – Tier 3
  • OutlawBan – Tier 3
  • Ale CollectorBan – Tier 3
  • Re: Zero Beatrice – Tier 3
  • The Pleiades of the Blue SkyDeathperce – Tier 3
  • HalloweenElaine – Tier 3
  • Sweet Temptation Elaine – Tier 3
  • LionesElizabeth – Tier 3
  • A New AdventureElizabeth – Tier 3
  • New LegendElizabeth– Tier 3
  • ReverseElizabeth – Tier 3
  • MascotElizabeth – Tier 3
  • Mobile TavernElizabeth – Tier 3
  • Titan FormEren Jaeger – Tier 3
  • Ten Commandments Galland – Tier 3
  • Elite DemonGalland – Tier 3
  • RapierGuila – Tier 3
  • Knight of IceGustaf – Tier 3
  • Forest GuardianHelbram – Tier 3
  • Sweet TemptationJenna – Tier 3
  • Godspeed KnightJericho – Tier 3
  • New LegendJericho – Tier 3
  • Knight of FrostJericho – Tier 3
  • Forest GuardianKing – Tier 3
  • Greatest SoldierLevi – Tier 3
  • Bringer of Disaster Lillia – Tier 3
  • Memory FragmentLiz – Tier 3
  • Ten CommandmentsMelascula – Tier 3
  • The Dragon Sin Of WrathMeliodas – Tier 3
  • New LegendMeliodas – Tier 3
  • DeathbringerMono – Tier 3
  • Swift Sword Nanashi – Tier 3
  • Knighthood of Scraps DisposalsOslo & Hawk – Tier 3
  • Mad DestroyerRoxy – Tier 3
  • HalloweenShin – Tier 3
  • OverpowerSlater – Tier 3
  • Sweet TemptationZaneri – Tier 3
  • Reincarnation of ConvictionZaratras – Tier 3
  • Stranger Things Mike – Tier 3
  • Sunny Vacation Valenti – Tier 3

7DS Tier List 2022: T4 Characters⇓

  • Beard of the Mountain Cat Alioni – Tier 4
  • The Fox Sin of GreenBan – Tier 4
  • NunchakuBan – Tier 4
  • The Six Knight Of BlackBellion – Tier 4
  • Burning EmberCain – Tier 4
  • Executer of Darkness Camila – Tier 4
  • The Pleiades of the Azure SkyDenzel – Tier 4
  • Heart of the LandDiane – Tier 4
  • The Seven Deadly SinsDiane – Tier 4
  • MatronaDiane – Tier 4
  • Kungfu MasterDiane – Tier 4
  • Eternal PromiseDiane – Tier 4
  • The Pleiades of the Blue SkyDogedo – Tier 4
  • Omen of ChaosDreyfus – Tier 4
  • BreakDreyfus – Tier 4
  • Boar Hat of TavernElizabeth – Tier 4
  • Wings of the SkyElatte – Tier 4
  • Ten Commandments Estarossa – Tier 4
  • Elite DemonFraudrin – Tier 4
  • Memories of YearsGerharde – Tier 4
  • ThunderboltGilthunder – Tier 4
  • Star of KingdomGilthunder – Tier 4
  • Ten CommandmentsGloxinia – Tier 4
  • Weird FangsGolgius – Tier 4
  • Lioness Hero Gowther – Tier 4
  • Wanted ManGowther – Tier 4
  • ExplosionGuila – Tier 4
  • HalloweenGulia – Tier 4
  • Knighthood of Scraps DisposalHawk – Tier 4
  • RoyaltyHelbram – Tier 4
  • Omen of ChaosHendrickson – Tier 4
  • AdventurerJericho – Tier 4
  • New GenerationJericho – Tier 4
  • Roars of DawnJillian – Tier 4
  • DisasterKing – Tier 4
  • Boom Boom PowMarmas – Tier 4
  • Fang of the LandMatrona – Tier 4
  • The Seven Deadly SinsMeliodas – Tier 4
  • Boar Hat TavernMeliodas – Tier 4
  • HalloweenMeliodas – Tier 4
  • InfinityMerlin – Tier 4
  • Tyrant of DestructionMilim – Tier 4
  • Ten CommandmentsMonspeet – Tier 4
  • Rule of MonstersRimuru – Tier 4
  • SlimeRimuru – Tier 4
  • Weird FangsRuin – Tier 4
  • Roars of DawnSlater – Tier 4
  • ConfirmationTwigo – Tier 4
  • Reincarnation of ObsessionVivian – Tier 4
  • Roars of DawnWeinheidt – Tier 4

7DS Tier List 2022: T5 Characters⇓

  • The Pleiades of the Blue SkyArden – Tier 5
  • The Pleiades of the Blue SkyDeldry – Tier 5
  • Snatch Ban – Tier 5
  • Roars of DawnHugo – Tier 5
  • Roars of DawnSimon – Tier 5
  • Vaizel Fight FestivalTaizoo – Tier 5
  • AdventurerGriamore – Tier 5
  • MeltHendrickson – Tier 5
  • Star of the KingdomHowzer – Tier 5
  • Lioness RoyaltyHowzer – Tier 5
  • Weird FangsJude – Tier 5
  • Weird FangsFriesia – Tier 5
  • UndeadBan – Tier 5
  • Kijin Benimaru – Tier 5
  • Protector of DollsKing – Tier 5
  • The Seven Deadly SinsKing – Tier 5
  • Fairy King’s ForestElaine – Tier 5
  • Iron-Wall KnightGriamore – Tier 5

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So this would be all in this post on 7DS Tier List Global 2022(Seven Deadly Sins Tier List).

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Who is the strongest character in 7ds game? ›

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the strongest fighter in the group. He was originally the leader of the Ten Commandments, but then he fell in love with Elizabeth and decided to quit being their leader. Meliodas' power increased by several folds towards the end of the series.

Is Dark traitor Meliodas good? ›

Traitor Meliodas excels in PVP because of his high base stats and immense power to boost his team offensively and defensively. As a Dark hero, he can be utilized as a damage-dealer in Death Match hell difficulties. He is also ideal to use against Hraesvelgr together with Blue Megellda.

Who to reroll for 7ds? ›

Reroll Advice

In your first 10 rolls, you are guaranteed to get of of these 7 SSRs. The ones recommended are Arthur, Green King, Green Eli, and Green Meliodas. Besides being hot, Arthur rocks an awesome buff which is very helpful for your team. Probably my pick for the initial SSR.

Is ur better than SSR 7ds? ›

While there are several ways to power up characters, including using Enhance to increase their level or Awaken to boost specific stats, UR characters are always going to be better than lower ranked versions when everything else is equal. Think of them as having both higher floors and ceilings to their power.

Who is the weakest 7ds? ›

Ban has 1,380 in magic, 930 in strength and 910 in spirit. While he has the lowest combat class of the Seven Deadly Sins, he is immortal after drinking from the fountain of youth given to him by Elaine, who sacrificed herself in the process.

Is ban stronger than Meliodas? ›

Ban has superhuman strength and reflexes and, when he uses his Sacred Treasure, Courechouse, he can attain an even higher level than that. Despite this, if Ban were to go up against a fully powered Meliodas, he would definitely lose.

What is Meliodas greatest sin? ›

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, who bears the Sin of Wrath as a Dragon symbol on his left shoulder.

Who is Meliodas's son? ›

Tristan Liones「トリスタン・リオネス」 is the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones, the prince of the Kingdom of Liones, a Holy Knight, and one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

What is Zeldris secret? ›

Like all members of the Demon Clan, Zeldris possesses the mysterious jet-black power of darkness which he can use for a variety of purposes, such as forming wings to fly.

Can Ban revive Elaine? ›

Though killed by a demon after giving up the fountain to Ban, Elaine is later temporarily resurrected by Melascula and dies a second time after fighting the Demon Clan in the new Holy War, but is then fully resurrected by Ban who gives up his immortality.

What is Zeldris goal? ›

Help Meliodas defeat the Supreme Deity (all succeeded).

Is Red Zeldris good? ›

He is one of the best heroes for use in PvP, especially when paired with other Commandments. He's great at countering opponents who are trying to Ult Rush, because he can decrease their Ultimate Move Gauge orbs through his Commandment and skill, and because he will disable recovery skills.

Why is Arthur the strongest in SDS? ›

Arthur appeared to already have a high degree of strength in his youth as shown by being able to pull the sword Excalibur from its stone with ease. While Arthur himself does not know the limits of his own power, it is said that holding and using the legendary sword Excalibur allows him to access its full potential.

Is Merlin a man SDS? ›

Merlin is a very calm and passive woman almost never losing her cool regardless of the situation. Even as she and everyone were being overwhelmed by Galand, Merlin remained calm and was able to think of a strategy to counter him.

Is Merlin a villain SDS? ›

Merlin (マーリン), also known as the Daughter of Belialuin and the Boar Sin of Gluttony, is the hidden central antagonist of the anime/manga/light novel series The Seven Deadly Sins and the overarching antagonist in it's sequel Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Who is God in 7ds? ›

God「 魔神王 ゴッド , Goddo」 is a power possessed by Zeldris of the Ten Commandments, lent to him by his father as his representetive.

Who is the strongest fairy king 7ds? ›

As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and the current and most powerful Fairy King in all of history, King is extremely powerful. He is strong enough to overpower a Great Holy Knight single-handedly.

Who is the oldest in 7ds? ›

2/10 Meliodas (Over 3,000 Years Old)

It's ironic that Meliodas is the oldest member of the Seven Deadly Sins despite looking younger than even Elizabeth.

How did Ban get his scar? ›

He was then attacked by Meliodas and given a lasting wound, despite his regenerative abilities, that would become his only scar, which he calls a special case.

Who was Meliodas mother? ›

Artoria is the wife of the demon king and the mother of Meliodas, Estarossa, Selena and Zeldris. As well as the lover of the supreme deity and godmother of Elisabeth. Artoria is also the first host of chaos and the strongest woman of her time or even of all time.

What is Meliodas true power? ›

His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his inherent power is Full Counter.

What did Meliodas do 3000 years ago? ›

Past. Over 3,000 years ago he was the leader of the Ten Commandments until he fell in love with the original Elizabeth and betrayed his own kin in the Demon Clan. His betrayal led to the Holy War.

Which sin is king? ›

Harlequin, also known as King, the Fairy King, or the Grizzly Sin of Sloth, is one of the main protagonists of the anime/manga/light novel series The Seven Deadly Sins.

Do demons have 7 hearts? ›

Unlike humans, Demons have more than one heart. The number of hearts varies, although upper-level demons have seven hearts.

Who is Meliodas first wife? ›

Meliodas' first wife, Isabelle, who bore the hero Tristan, was Mark's sister, and his second wife was a daughter or sister of Hoel of Brittany. He is the eponymous protagonist of the romance Meliadus. The Italian variant Tristano Riccardiano calls him Felix (Felissi).

Who is Meliodas daughter? ›

After defeating the Demon King and Cath, Meliodas and Elizabeth get married and have a child named Tristan.

Who is King Ban's son? ›

Lancelot「ランスロット」 is the son of Ban and Elaine. At the age of 10, he went missing with his attendant Jericho.

Who is Zeldris wife? ›

Zeldris is Gelda's lover. Not much is known between the two, but it appears that Zeldris greatly cared for Gelda, as he chose to seal her and the Vampires instead of killing them like he was ordered to.

Who is Meliodas's dad? ›

The Demon King「魔神王」 is the ruler of the Demon Clan, as well as the one who handpicked the Ten Commandments and granted them their Commandments. He is also the father of Meliodas and Zeldris, two of the most powerful demons and the two strongest members of the Ten Commandments.

Does Meliodas have a sister? ›

At the very beginning of the series Selena was known as an Amenésique maiden, closed by the sacred knight in an amber goddess because of her immense power, which accompanied the 7 sins to discover who she is. Later she turned out to be the little sister of Meliodas, Estarossa, Darius, and Zeldris.

Do Ban and Elaine have babies? ›

Lancelot「ランスロット」 is the son of Ban and Elaine.

Is Elaine immortal now? ›

Immortality: Unintentionally obtained immortality, Elaine can heal from every wound caused by fatal physical and magical attacks. Transformation: Like the rest of the Fairy Clan, Elaine can transform herself into her human form to blend in the public.

How did Merlin get her body back? ›

While Camelot mages tried returning Merlin's body back to normal, they were not able to, but luckily, Merlin had stored her consciousness in her Sacred Treasure, and revealed that her body could only be returned to normal by the power of a Goddess.

Is Ban a vampire? ›

Ban, also known as the Fox Sin of Greed, is one of the main protagonists of the anime/manga/light novel series The Seven Deadly Sins. He is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and an immortal human due to drinking from the Fountain of Youth. His Sacred Treasure is the Holy Rod Courechouse.

How old is Zeldris? ›

AliasZeldris the Piety (敬神のゼルドリス, Keishin no Zerudorisu) The Executioner The Demon King's Representative Prince Zeldris Prince of Darkness Zel
Biographical Information
Age252, ~263 (current)
19 more rows

How strong is full counter? ›

Full Counter enables its wielder to reflect attacks aimed at them back at their enemy, but with more than double the power; therefore, the stronger the opponent's powers are, the stronger the user's power becomes.

Who is the villain in 7ds? ›

The Demon King is the main antagonist of the anime and manga series The Seven Deadly Sins. He is the supreme ruler of Purgatory who commands the Demon Clan and the creator of the Ten Commandments. He is also the father of Meliodas and Zeldris.

Is Cusack stronger than Zeldris? ›

Even Zeldris acknowledges that Cusack is stronger than him, with Cusack himself stating that Zeldris will one day surpass him. As the person who taught Zeldris how to wield a sword, Cusack possesses unmatched skill with a sword, being able to easily damage Ludociel in a fight with his blades.

Is Meliodas powerful than Zeldris? ›

That should have been enough with his Ominous Nebula and Magic Resistance. However, He has absorbed all of the ten commandments and experienced Demon King controlling his body. In the end, it's probably safe to say that Demon King Zeldris is enough to give Meliodas's final form a very hard time.

Can Arthur defeat Meliodas? ›

Outcome. Meliodas, Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler are not defeated. Arthur gets exhausted and is taken away by Merlin.

Is Arthur stronger than supreme deity? ›

At this point, it is fair to refer to Arthur as the strongest character in Seven Deadly Sins. Chaos once created mighty beings such as the Supreme Deity and the Demon King. Thus, if Arthur is able to wield such power to its full extent, he can erase all the races from existence and create another world.

How did Arthur lose his arm? ›

As Cath ends up wanting to devour Arthur and he is saved by Meliodas, Merlin is alarmed to see Cath tear Arthur's arm and devour it.

Who can beat Escanor? ›

10/10 Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)

When he has embraced his demon form, Meliodas is strong enough to defeat Escanor. Though their canon battle yielded different results, this was only because it had conveniently become noon just as the former captain was preparing to kill him.

Is Escanor better than Meliodas? ›

Meliodas gained the upper hand first against Escanor and while he's undoubtedly powerful in his demon form, he was evenly matched with Escanor who is hailed as one of the strongest characters for a reason.

Is Meliodas stronger than Escanor? ›

Despite Escanor defeating Meliodas once the reality is that Meliodas is stronger than Escanor. It is not that Escanor is powerless. Meliodas is just the demon prince and the protagonist.

Can Meliodas beat the one? ›

The one ultimate Escanor is even stronger than God form Meliodas. The one can even beat Meliodas in assault mode effortlessly. Escanor in the past only losses to him because he is just inexperienced, weak, young, depressed, too cocky, and haven't unleash it's full potential of his the one form.

Can Ban defeat Escanor? ›

Ban is outmatched by Escanor in almost every way.


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